Reviews Germixil

  • Monika
    The survey revealed the presence of parasites from the Toxocara family and roundworms. Took germixil capsules for the recommended duration and everything went away. The drug is good, I recommend it.
  • Wolfgang
    I do not know for sure whether I was infected with parasites or not, but I decided to undergo the full course of treatment with Germixil capsules anyway. alarming symptoms. The results were more than excellent. I feel much better, I am younger, I stopped catching colds.
  • Michael
    I took the capsules for the recommended period and then decided to order more. I intend to continue to use them to prevent re-infection. I checked the effectiveness of Germixil on myself.
  • Susanne
    Germixil works 100%. At first I thought that the capsules would not work, the situation was difficult and the symptoms were severe. But after the course appointment, I forgot about my problem forever.
  • Karin
    Natural capsules germixil helped me get rid of worms! I liked that the effect appears after a few days. The mood and efficiency returned to the level that I had in my youth. Overall, I feel much better.
Rating Germixil